Upcoming Classes

July 17-19, 2019

0800-1700 daily

Three days of shooting in, around, through and from vehicles.  Trainees will be exposed to numerous methods for addressing threats at multiple distances from varied shooting platforms.  This is a physical class for which trainees should come mentally and physically prepared.

$425.00 per person for three days

1500 rifle rounds / 500 pistol rounds must be provided by trainee

Trainees are expected to be unconsciously competent with their rifles and pistols

Class size is LIMITED to the first 15 paid-in-full applicants

Two Day Accelerated Pistol
August 22 - 23, 2019

0800 - 1700

Lead Faucet Tactical SGM Dan Brokos

US Army Retired NCOIC Of Range 37

Intermediate pistol class focusing on the ever changing contingencies of a gunfight. The course focuses on tactical rifle drills in daylight or night conditions. It includes stationary and non-stationary positions as well as shooting in and around positions of cover. Course covers the 8 fundamentals as well as the Tactical application of cover with and various shooting positions involved, strong and support shooting, kit set-up to support ambidextrous shooting, support side fundamentals, long range application, reloads, strong and support side, contingencies of one arm or hand shooting.

Trainees are expected to be unconsciously competent with their pistols.  Cost $550.00 / Pistol Ammo: 1000 rounds

Prerequisite:  Call or email for more information if you are unsure about trainee qualifications.


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